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The most recent daily list of CSE Buy-In Opportunities:


CSE Buy-Ins Overview

The CSE provides a "Buy-In" service for fail-to-deliver positions in CSE-listed securities.


On a daily basis, CDS tracks fail-to-deliver trades in CSE-listed securities that have received Buy-In notices.  CDS provides this information to the CSE in order to identify dealers that are interested in performing a Buy-In and are able to make immediate delivery of the securities.

Notice Opt-in:

Dealers must opt-in to receive the list of Buy-In opportunities.

Participation Requests:

The CSE will email and post on its portal the following:

  • Preliminary Buy-In list at 1:30PM
  • Final Buy-In list at 2:45PM​

Dealers may email their participation requests to starting at 1:30PM.  The cut-off time for participation is 3:00PM.


The CSE will allocate the Buy-In volume equally to the dealers participating in the Buy-In. 

Buy-in Trades:

Once the Buy-Ins have been allocated, the CSE will generate trades marked for Cash Today settlement between the CSE and each of the dealers participating in the Buy-in.

Buy-In Price:

N.L.S.P. (calculated just prior to 3:00PM) + CSE Premium


The CSE will, no later than 3:30PM, manually enter the trades.  These trades will be cleared and settled by CDS on a same-day basis. Once completed, the trades will be manually reported to the participating dealers.


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